Dummy’s guide to surviving freshman year; The early bird

Today began like any other day. I relatively slept in ie  till 0800. I reread the passage we had to go over for Portuguese class till 0900. Took a quick shower and too long a time deciding what I was going to wear. Before I knew it, it was 0940 and I hadn’t eaten breakfast. I resorted I would go after class and quickly packed my books and rushed to Wilson Hall.

On getting there, I notice something strange. There are so few people in sight. That never happens before my Portuguese class. “Where is everyone?” I wonder. I spot a girl from my Portuguese class (we will call her Dummy 2) and together we climb to the first floor to room 204, one of the two classrooms we use interchangeably. The door is closed but through the looking glass, we can see that the class sitting in those chairs, is not our usual Portuguese bunch.

“I kinda budged in there earlier… Definitely not our group”, she says, face turning slightly pink with embarrassment.

We laugh and go downstairs to room 104, aforementioned ‘other classroom’.

The door is wide open and nothing but empty desks and chairs. A wild thought runs through my head. “The rapture has just happened. Yep, I got left behind. I probably shouldn’t have texted during church. I should have been more sincere in my prayers too!”

It’s now 1004.

“Class is supposed to start at 1000 isn’t it?”, I ask my colleague, puzzled. (The Rapture might have just happened and I am thinking about Portuguese??? I need to get my priorities straight!)

Her face mirrors the confusion I feel.

“Let’s go check room 204 again” I suggest, as if the people in there could have transfigured into Portuguese learners in the time we were gone.

We end up checking all the classes on the second floor. And the third. Luckily Wilson doesn’t have a fourth floor. We might have checked that too. Just in case. It’s 1010, and defeated, we come down and somewhere between the first floor staircase and the foyer, my newly found freshman friend (all alliteration is unintended) hits her hand to her head.

“It’s Thursday.” Dummy 2 says

It takes a while to register. Then it dawns on me. Of course. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Portuguese class starts at 1030 and not 1000 like the other three days.

It’s 1015 by then. I figure I should run to the Ratty (dining hall) and grab some energy. You know, make up for all energy lost. At 1030, I’m in Wilson Hall room 204, and so is the rest of my Portuguese class. Clarissa and I look at each other and smile knowingly.

The freshman struggle is real!


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