In search of new shores; College transitions and all that…

I remember my first day of form one. I remember the anxiety. I remember I got a hordeolum (a bacterial infection) on the corner of my right eye just two days before I was due to start school. I remember the big, big, biiiiiig blazer that I wore. (Yes, my mother was/is one of those African parents who buy you something but two sizes bigger. Because as they say, “You’re still growing”- By the time I graduated from high school, it was still too big.) I remember hating the first few months. Most of the girls came from the junior school. They shared inside jokes. Sometimes the jokes were on us, the new kids. I became shy and withdrawn. I remember my end of year science report said “She needs to work on her confidence.”

I have thus, never been good at transitions. Which made the question “Are you excited for college?”, one of the hardest questions I have ever had to answer. I bawled my eyes out at the airport and hung tightly to my mummy. I asked myself what I was doing it? And as Lindi liked to say “But for the why?” And then I thought of a saying that I had seen somewhere (Yes, cliche as that is), “You cannot discover sight of new oceans without first losing sight of the shore.” Christopher Columbus

I’m not saying Columbus’ words make this transition any less harder (though he should know right?). I’m still trying to figure everything out. Still trying to get used to being so far away from home. Trying to get used to all of a sudden being a “minority”. (I might be doing more research on this and might post a future blog post on how students who form the “minority” on campus integrate into their new environment, if they do at all) Trying to get used to persistent questions, and ignorant comments. Trying to find “my people”, you know, make friends. Trying to get patient with this temparamental Providence weather. Trying to get used to these new oceans.

Até a próxima vez (Till next time) 🙂 (Yes, I'm showing off that I listen in my Portuguese class)20140816_173544

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