On sadza descriptions and new journeys

Ive never had to think about how to describe things like sadza before.

I think it is forgivable then that when I was asked to describe the food I associate with home, I fumbled. The best I came up with was a slightly incoherent, badly structured statement: ” It is the main food eaten by Zimbabweans. Ummmm…Its made from mealie meal which is mixed with water and then cooked to form….ummm something akin to white tasteless plado. You serve it with relish and vegetables. ”

I have done a lot of introspection since the day three weeks ago when I bade my beautiful Zimbabwe farewell.

I have thought about how alone and far away from everything I have ever known, I suddenly am. 

I am responsible for a lot; decisions that I will make that will undoubtedly impact my life in many ways. I am aware that all of a sudden I am in a situation that requires me to push myself out of my comfort zone in order to make the best of this experience. I have to push myself to meet people from all over the world, to try things I have never done. And that will ultimately change the way I see things. And how I see myself. And thats scary.

I guess I fear that when all this is done, and someone asks me who I am, how I identify myself, I will fumble for words. But for now, il tell myself its because the most beautiful things you will encounter in life will be hard to put into words. Like sadza, you just have to try it and see if it’s to your liking.

Here’s to the beginning of my roller coaster journey at Brown:)


3 comments on “On sadza descriptions and new journeys

  1. beatonm5 says:

    you never realise how hard it is to cook sadza until someone asks you for the recipe like how many cups of mealie meal to how many cups of water as you do for rice how do you know its enough how do you know its thick enough…. how do you know its done when do you stop adding upfu ok now its too thick to stir ….. this tastes horrible and you eat it everyday?????

    the taste is somewhat acquired 🙂

  2. Hope you are going to find sadza(brown) to be your liking 🙂

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