A love like…

Valentine’s day is here. Meaning next to nothing except wilted flowers and cheesy love messages, it’s not a holiday I like to observe. Last year I spent it at a  One Billion Rising Event. Seeing as if I had to work today and missed it this time around, I did think that now would be a good time to look for a boyfriend. As my mother has put it, the few times that I have hinted at continuing this single life through college, “It is good to get a boyfriend. just so we know that you are interested in boys, and at least that they are interested in you.”

My mother thinks the boyfriend I will bring home will be a laid back, cornrow wearing gentleman, because I am liberal like that. My sister Zoe thinks it will be a white guy; she is next to convinced on this one. And so I think it might be time to put an ad out

“wanted, a cornrow wearing white guy. It is an added advantage if he is taller than five feet 5( 1 metre 68) and has a tolerance for high levels of ice cream (who wants to pig out alone?)”

And just some tips for my cornrowed fellow

  • Flowers are a no-no for any event
  • Books are a no-no for any event (I like to read but buying a book is for my friends)
  • Valentine’s day is not an event. Shower me with cheesy, nose-turningly cliché messages any other day than the 14th of February

Having covered those few tips, I will post an original poem. When I wrote it, I thought it would sound better as spoken word and I still do. I was just too lazy busy to do it. Anyway, here it is


A love like

We got a love like chewing gum

And not even the expensive “Dentyne” type


We got a love like “Dandy” chewing gum…Yea

We got a love like that “Dandy” chewing gum in those tiny yellow wrappers

At the beginning, it surprises your palate with its perfect balance of sweet and sour.

Too quickly though, the sweetness dissipates, and you’re simply left with sourness

But soon enough, even that disappears;

Leaving behind a bland taste of ugly in your mouth

Yea…Our love’s like that sweet and sour chewing gum in those tiny yellow wrappers.



I want a love like icecream…

No. I want a love like Cherry Ripple Icecream!

Yea. I want a love like CRI…

Simple Vanilla. Laced with a twist of passion and excitement and that little tang of naughty throughout…



I want a love like a big tub of Kefalos CRI

They say “Size doesn’t matter”

‘ “They” don’t know what they are talking about’

(You try binging on a cone of icecream)

I want a love that I can take a big bowl of everyday and still never get tired of.

I want a love that might require a lot of effort- coz damn that kefalos Ice cream don’t come cheap-is still worth every penny of my time


I want a love that leaves that DAMN taste in my mouth.

That “I been her, I taste good and even if we never meet again, you damn sure will remember my name!” kinda taste

Till I find you, I guess I ‘ll make do with this ice cream


5 comments on “A love like…

  1. Rutendo muwori says:

    Love the poem! Amazed at the piggy levels tho 😀 i wish u a love like kefalos cherry ripple icecream :* but then ,with good icecream u never eat it alone – there’s always someone wanting to get a spoon in *yanoe what i mean* but ane chewing gum ndeyake as the shona saying would go , if it existed , just a thought

  2. Hot dang! I love this poem. Nice job Gwen 😉

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