Farewell to Janvier

I’ve been MIA for a while now. It has been over a month since I have written anything. It’s been an eventful month to say the least. I have four people who mean a lot to me who turned ayear older and I thought before I say goodbye to Janvier 2014, I’d give them all their little 30 seconds fame.

1.  Charles and I literally grew up together. We’ve been good friends since grade 3. I have watched him transform from the tall lanky kid who liked cricket into this tall lanky guy who likes cricket and “Chunky chicks”. (This should really dispel the rumours that he really is an undercover boyfriend of mine) Best memory of this boy? Probably grade six. There was a new girl at school who came in and decided I couldn’t be liked. She made this known by buying my entire clique (both male and female friends) roses on Valentine’s Day. I didn’t get one. In a show of solidarity, Charles threw his away (admittedly he did so at the end of the day when we were walking home but hey…still makes him a pretty cool friend).

2. Ancillar

Haven’t really known her for long. We met sometime in August last year at Chiedza Childcare Centre in Waterfalls. I generally don’t have sweet friends (this is not because I am not a sweet person myself). I just have no patience for sweet people in general but it’s hard to be mean to this girl. Plus the fact that she’s one of my biggest fans when it comes to my writing is a big plus. We have talked about it and if I ever do become a published author, she has dibs on marketer.

 ancy dee

  • 3. B Cubed aka Big Brother BrianHaving two different mothers, I only saw him mostly on holidays but that probably made me more appreciative of his presence in my life. Best memory? Form 2 holidays. I was having issues with my mother (I used to have such issues with my mum. Not in the way that normal people have fallouts with their parents. It was so bad that at some point in form 2 I even had a mini suicide attempt; advice to any form twos out there…toothpaste and cough syrup won’t kill you. They will leave you very bloated though)

On this one night, I remember my brother sat up till about 2am, while I had an emotional breakdown. We never talked about it after, but I don’t think I’ll be forgetting it anytime soon. He’s the other guy that people are convinced I’m dating; including my little cousins, Nandi and Thabani, (who are about 9 and 6) who always ask me “Aunty Gwen where’s Uncle Brian?” at every family event. He’s also the only other person I know who can hold his ice cream as well as I can…Needless to say, I can’t wait for him to become a rich doctor so we can start weekly ice cream binging.

B cubed

4. About twenty two years ago, my mother gave birth to a little baby girl. She named her Madeline (after one of two Greek sisters, the other named Gwendolene of course). It was obvious this little girl was not quite complete on her own, for only a year and a half later, I was introduced to the world. And our bumpy love-hate relationship began.

Growing up, she was admittedly the pretty one and I, the smart one. This didn’t really bother me much because when your 6 or 7 it doesn’t really matter what people think about you. And when we reached teenage hood how did I not kill her for having received the lion’s share of the looks?? My mother had the foresight to send her off to boarding school and holidays were too short for me to execute any plan I might have spent the term fantasizing about. By the time she graduated from high school, you might say I had grown into prettier looks.

I cannot recall a time when my sister was not there. Some of my most memorable moments have been spent with her. So have my worst. The latter have mostly been New Years’ Eves. One that comes to mind is New Year’s Eve three years ago.

We managed to convince my mother that we could be trusted to stay at home alone while she went off with my younger siblings. With the house to ourselves and about 15 hours to live life as we pleased, we made plans to go out and party. By 10 we were dressed and ready for our plans to fall into place. By 1030 people were starting to flake on us. 11pm we were anxiously trying to regroup, anxiously making last minute calls to make sure that we wouldn’t spend the dying moments of one year and the beginnings of another at home.

We heard the fireworks and celebrations from the couch where we lay in a silent apartment. (Didn’t even have the energy to switch on the TV). Good to see how far my “twin” (we have actually managed to convince some people that this is true) and I have come over the years. (those dresses. #CRINGE)



One comment on “Farewell to Janvier

  1. Rutendo muwori says:

    After all that sweetness , i wanna move my birthday to january tooooooo! 😀 s/o to brian and madey *woop woop*

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