21 questions…or maybe a hundred #3

If my giving as little as $2 made you feel better about yourself (because you apparently gave a dollar more than me) good for you! This is after all why I started my blog. This is why I write. To make people feel good about themselves. Apparently I should feel bad that on some occasion I spent a certain amount of money, obviously more than $2 (but which I shall not disclose) on a certain pair of shoes. But sue me. I am not Mother Theresa. I am not yet over all things of this earth. I like shoes. Anyway; this post is for you Tawie; hope you find something that will make you feel a couple feet taller than me :p (or God forbid I shall have failed).

What’s your earliest childhood memory?

Holidays in Gweru (where my grandparents’ home is). Every day, Brian, Zoe (older brother and sister) and I waited anxiously for Daddy to come home. One day I still remember vividly, Daddy came into the room we were in, inconspicuously switched off the light and then scared the life out of me by pretending to be a monster. I slept with the light on till I was 14.

What’s your favorite color?

Don’t really have one of those. I tend to be partial to guys in blue shirts though. And I tend to buy a whole lot more earrings in blue than in any other color.

What’s your favorite book?

Ummm. Don’t really have one either but I’m probably Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s biggest fan. I think in another lifetime, me and her are related.

What’s your favorite shoe design?

Heels are pretty…to look at, at least. To wear, I’m a big fan of sandals. Comfort first.

What’s your favorite movie?

Doesn’t get any more ratchet or funnier than Rasputia in Norbit.

Favorite hairstyle?

Umm on my “afrocentric days, I like a good twist-out though my little sister thinks I look better with my afro. On days when I feel like doing something different, a bob is my best friend.

What’s your life’s greatest aspiration?

I would really love to establish an arts centre in Zim that just provides a platform for people especially the young to explore what it really means to be an artist. Take Arts to the next level in this country because as it stands, too many young and talented people give up on their dreams because society tells them that life as an artist doesn’t pay. Which it might not right now but the whole dream is to make sure people have an opportunity to live their dreams while making a living from those same dreams.

Who or what is your inspiration?

Probably my little sister. Growing up, everyone in my family used to tell her that she was so much like me, good at languages, horrible at math etc and I think a lot of that got to her head because (against good reason) she looks up to me. At first it annoyed because I always thought she’d be better off being her own person. Anyway, I really do see that she looks at what I do and bases some of her actions on that. I recall that for my upper 6 leavers dance I wore a particularly long dress. Greystone Park had its civvies day a couple of days after that and my sister whipped out her long grey maxi-dress and heels.  Point is. I always want to be a good example for her because these are some of her most impressionable years.

PS to the person who kept asking what my favorite “what-what” is, it better be because you wanted an idea of what to get me for my birthday (which is conveniently coming up pretty soon).


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  1. Hahahahahah…really now…

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