An open letter to the perverted old geezers who prey on little girls

Okay. So maybe I’m not really a little girl anymore. But I am pretty close. And if I can trust my mirror and the general word on the street, I look like one too. Which makes all you men over the age of 35 who have ever hit on me pedophiles in the making. Considering there’s quite a lot of you, I fear for the future of little Zimbabwean girls.

To “Mr Big Man” who is obviously very experienced in getting what he wants from young girls, please use an alias; news has gone around that the only thing you give out are STDs. To you, other old men who peer from the windscreens of your big cars, odds are quite high I shared the same bench in the science lab with your youngest daughter.

Joe. Joe. Joe… I don’t know whether it’s the old age getting to you or you really hit on so many young girls that you don’t remember that we have met before. Yes, you have introduced yourself to me before. Only that the second time around I knew where I knew your face from. You played the father of that young man in that famous local film. Note the word “father.”

To all the men who are married, happily or not, respect your wives. And give your children a chance. To all those who are past the very young age of forty, married or not, please note that girls under the age of 25 really shouldn’t be on your “hitlist”. On behalf of all of young women who are tired of what is frankly your sexual harassment, please leave us alone.


A concerned daughter


12 comments on “An open letter to the perverted old geezers who prey on little girls

  1. Clemence says:

    Many at times i have been persecuted for my irrational views and comments on such issues…the situation is quite appalling that a men would want to bed a girl the age of his own daughter just because she is not related to him…which brings up the demise of our African Culture of Ubuntu…it takes a whole village to raise a child…these men instead of teaching these girls the proper way are busy coveting their bodies…it would be unfair to only blame the men for this social ill…some girls as you said Gwen take pride in their ability to lure such men and dress in ways that leave nothing for the imagination…this issue in my view is quite dynamic and i can go for hours on end pouring my sea of thoughts on the subject…but my conclusion is that Men are more to blame in this particular case and its times like these i feel ashamed that some men would let their desires get the better of them…

  2. Jaz says:

    Gwen wandispaka. But you right. You on the hand you
    will never look your age. I am sure you on the hand fight to be recognised for your real age. For the record, you look like a grade seven.

  3. Rutendo muwori says:

    Gwen Mugodi is going places yall , watch this space 🙂 true words have never been spoken

  4. chiposi says:

    Reblogged this on Fungai Chiposi; THE BLOG and commented:
    This must stop dudes. Thank you Gwen for voicing this out. Remember to tell your fellow young girls not to hit on the old man and re-create the circle

  5. chiposi says:

    This is a truly appreciated article. I love the tenor. I love the threat. I am also tired of seeing fellow old geezers hitting on kids in the kombi. What is going on? This is why cases of rape are on the rise. Thank you Gwennie. Excellent.

    • Gwen says:

      Thank you Fungai. But what have you done when you have seen a young girl being hit on by a baba. Please tell me you go Fungai on them!lol

      • chiposi says:

        sadly i have done nothing to date. but you have given me an idea. “inga muri kunyenga mwana nhai baba”

  6. Victory says:

    #Truth!!! I support this so much In addition, we women should NOT allow this to happen. We let it happen by being their accomplices so willingly. We can blame circumstances and situations, but the truth is where there is a will there is a way. You can dig yourself out of that hole that you are in!!!

  7. Gamu says:

    Love this article. The other day i was actually talking about this topic with someone. Its really pathetic how these old men want to pass on their diseases to our generation. its even more pathetic that it is becoming popular for alot of young girls to date men old enough enough to be their fathers….or grandfathers..:p

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