“What will help you, my child, is to learn to carry your burdens with strength.”

If you have ever felt judged for not being “Shona enough”


“What language do you think in?”
Simple question right? It’s one question which broke my heart.

People are often surprised to hear that my first language isn’t English, because I speak it so well. If you take the phrase as it stands, my ‘first language’ is Shona. I only began learning English when I was 4 years old so I could prepare for creche and then school. I stopped learning Shona from my parents as they focused on the next language. Ask me to speak Shona and it’ll go relatively well but I’m no whizz and I can’t spit out  every proverb and onomatopoeic word. Along the way in perfecting my English I lost my grip on my Shona and it makes me sad.

In highschool we’d often visit public schools for choir competitions and a lot of them wouldn’t take to us because we were from a private school…

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