The forgotten one

The forgotten one

Behind the witty comebacks and nonchalant assertions,

I spied a heart broken one times-too many.

Of that soul-wrenched pain that only lovers know you were all-too knowledgeable.


But pain had its magnetic pull

Drawing me in when all senses called for fleeing of the scene;

Those eyes that almost never looked, pools of still water,

Drowning all caution and silencing the warning sirens going off within

And that touch that never was?

Seeding nightmares I still shudder to recall


The one that wanted to be forgotten;

But a ghost paying a neighborhood call.

And faithful mind gave to you your heart’s desire, trumping the desires of the heart,

For who can trust what has no “why”?

And there was always the issue of pride;

The mind telling the heart that this time rejection would prove fatal,

The heart responding that Pride comes before a fall.

We argued “Without Pride, you will Fall to find no one to catch you.”

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2 comments on “The forgotten one

  1. Gwen says:

    Lets just say I was feeling inspired by unfolding of events:)

  2. “For who can trust what has no “why?”
    that has to be my favourite line. Very interesting piece, one can only imagine the circumstances under which it must have been written. The language tells it all.

    so, what was the inspiration behind this piece?

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